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Special Reports

bernard nathanson

Dr. Bernard Nathanson
Doctor and Pro-Life Advocate

Dr. Bernard Nathanson co-founded the pro-abortion organization NARAL along with population council member Lawrence Lader in order to repeal all of the restrictions on abortion. Nathanson himself performed thousands of abortions, but later turned pro-life after realizing the error of his ways and the humanity of the unborn child through scientific advancements. In his book, The Hand of God: A Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind, Nathanson points out some interesting facts of the abortionist lobby:

-Nathanson describes NARAL co-founder Lawrence Lader, who was obsessed with abortion in the 1960's and 1970's, as a man of "striking paradoxes in his personality." Nathanson says that even though Lader was "posing as a champion of the poor and powerless, he led a life of conspicuous affluence. Playing champion of the little people, a paradigmatic populist, he nursed a fine disdain for the common man." Lader often quoted a passage from Machiavelli to Nathanson that seemed to be Lader's "homing star": "The people resemble a wild beast which, naturally fierce and accustomed to living in the woods, has been brought up--as it were--in a prison and in servitude; and having by accident got its liberty, not being accustomed to search for its food and not knowing where to conceal itself, becomes the prey of the first who seeks to incarcerate it again." Nathanson states that "It was, I think, this remorseless contempt for the egalitarian principles to which [Lader] paid such meticulous lip service that made it so easy for him to understand the Rockefellers and the other principalities and powers with whom he had to deal, and which made him so much more appealing and acceptable to the princes of this world than any genuine proletarian, or even any genuine sympathizer with the proletariat, could have been." (1)

-He also points out the moral vapidness of the abortionists he dealt with along with himself:

The abortionists were required . . . to examine with the naked eye the contents in the gauze bag that hung from the end of the suction apparatus, checking to see that the appropriate amount of fetal parts were present. They would thus personally examine the remains of perhaps a dozen abortions every workday. At the conclusion of their eight-hour shift, they would return home to their families, to their practices, to their houses of worship. (Many of the non-Jewish physicians were churchgoers; the Jewish physicians were for the most part either Reform Jews or atheists, as was I.)

Robert Lifton, a psychiatrist, examined the behavior of Nazi doctors who presided over the mass slaughter in the camps and then returned to ordinary family life at the end of the working day. He termed this phenomenon "doubling," the division of the self into two functioning wholes. The physicians I inherited when I took over the directorship of the clinic may not have requred such subtle psychological self-protection. There were a professional press gang mercifully unburdened with ethical or moral baggage (2).

As I look back across the twenty-five years separating me from that revolting extravaganza playing itself out on the bodies of pregnant women and their slaughtered babies, I am struck by the uncritical nature of the task we had set for ourselves, by the moral and spiritual vacuum at the core of this fantastic operation, by our unquestioned certainty of the high level of moral rectitude on which we operated. And yet, the thing was so obviously sordid (3).

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The Silent Scream
video of an actual abortion, narrated by Dr. Bernard Nathanson.

Nathanson's wonderfully written book