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michelle malkin

Michelle Malkin

Columnist, Michelle Malkin, born of Filipino immigrants, worked for the Seattle Times and now writes a twice-weekly column syndicated nationwide.

Michelle says: "For three decades, the pro-abortion lobby has succeeded in squelching doubts and dissent about the mass destruction of human lives -- 40 million so far -- in the name of choice. But the truth is seeping out. And according to an account in the pro-choice publication American Medical News, abortion clinic workers often wonder if the fetus feels pain . . . Haunting auditory hallucinations. Voices from the womb. This is the pro-abortion movement's worst nightmare. Imagine the roar of 40 million tiny voices, all in unison…crying out: ‘I want to live. I do not want to die.'"

Malkin has also pointed out how leftists have threatened, stalked and generally lowered the level of debate, to put it mildly.

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