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Special Reports

patricia heaton

Patricia Heaton
Award-Winning Actress and Honorary Chair of Feminists for Life

Patricia Heaton stands up for women and unborn children. She is a rarity in Hollywood, where most celebrities seem to be moral relativists and/or leftists. Besides heading up Feminists for Life and honorary chair, she has also testified before congress against destructive embryonic research, which dehumanizes women and children. Here is her testimony.


There are few things as momentous as the crossroad we reach today. Scientists are capable of creating human life, and now propose to destroy those lives for the possible benefit of another.

As honorary chair of Feminists for Life, I am here today to refuse to choose between creating a new class of humans solely for experimentation, and those who would benefit from research.

This research also raises serious ethical questions about the exploitation of women - especially in regard to the demand for eggs for the cloning of embryos.

The good news is that there is promising, ethical research that does not require the systematic manufacture and destruction of humans for science.

Suffragist organizer Elizabeth Cady Stanton, whose statue sits down the street in the Capitol building strongly criticized the destruction of newly formed humans saying they are not "property to be disposed of as we see fit." The proper role of medical research is to eradicate illness, not create and destroy human beings.

In keeping with core feminist principles of nonviolence, nondiscrimination and justice for all, Feminists for Life is proud to support Senator Brownback's and Senator Landrieu's bill, which would ban human cloning research.

Thank you.