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When Science is no Longer Science
Special Interests Spread Lies and Disinformation to Kill for Profit

Embryonic experimentation is all the rage. Certain kinds of scientists take "left over" embryos from in vitro fertilization clinics, even though they could be adopted, and the embryos--living, developing human beings--are then dismembered in the name of science. They cut up the embryos in order to harvest their stem cells. Another way to harvest the stem cells is to clone the embryos and then kill-and-dismember the embryos. This is euphemistically termed "therapeutic" cloning as opposed to reproductive cloning, where the new clone at least lives if she or he is lucky enough to implant into the woman.

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry recently complained about what he termed “playing politics” with science, focusing on embryonic experimentation. The issue of embryonic “stem cell research,” that euphemism for human embryonic killing and experimentation, is another revealing issue that show’s Kerry’s true colors: a moral relativistic utilitarianist who advocates killing some human lives for the possible benefit of others. Indeed, as far as bioethics is concerned, Kerry is the one that denies scientific facts. The human embryo is a human being: its worth is self-evident. Strip away pro-abortion ideology and moral relativism, and you’re left with the truth, as Dr. Seuss once wrote in a different context: “a person is a person, no matter how small.”

No surprisingly, Kerry also supports abortion-on-demand, including partial birth abortion. Whenever a pundit, organization or politician is found to favor abortion, he or she is also more likely to support fetal and embryonic experimentation as well. And why not? If, as the Planned Parenthood mantra goes, “every child, a wanted child,” then why not, “every unwanted child, mere research material”? When a human being’s worth is based on their degree of being wanted, we end up with babies in dumpsters, while their killers are defended by liberals. Remember Amy Grossman and Brian Peterson?

Kerry’s futile attempts at reason include trying to equate any objection to the killing of an unborn child as a religious cause, even though an objection to abortion could be based on the secular view that killing innocent human life is wrong. Kerry squawks out “separation of church and state” whenever the issue is brought up. But this is devoid of reason, since there are even atheists that object to abortion and euthanasia, such as Nat Hentoff.

But of course, without God in reasoning, there is not much for any rules anyway, so rationale for killing becomes quite easy in a godless worldview, which Kerry subscribes to. And what’s wrong with passing laws that, while not establishing a national religion, are at least partly influenced by religious reasoning and a belief in a greater power? Many abolitionists objected to slavery on religious grounds; does this make slavery okay in the eyes of liberals, since it was based on religious reasoning?

We should stop wasting money, time and effort on a method of killing, and instead invest in a morally-sound and ethical stem cell research: adult stem cell research. The embryo, fetus, partially born child and newborn are all human beings worthy of protection. This is based on scientific fact that we have known for decades, thanks to common sense and ultra sound technology. Doublespeak Kerry talks about “values” and “ethics” when talking about dismembering embryos and fetuses for research. If it weren’t so sad, it would be humorous.