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Dear friend; Please check out Culture Jam for Life, a life-affirming bioethical web site, organization, and community dedicated to confronting moral relativism and the dehumanization of the vulnerable, at

Subscribe to their mailing list at <a href=""></a> to be notified once their pro-life book is published, which includes years of investigative research into how moral relativism has led to the dehumanization of the young and the vulnerable. The book includes exclusive interviews with people who've been directly affected by this evil phenomenon of killing on demand.

You can also add them as a friend on MySpace at <a href=""></a>.

Their web site includes exclusive stories from pro-life women, articles, and special reports. Please forward this onto your friends. Hopefully a grassroots effort can add thousands or more to the mailing list to be notified of the book and how to contribute to the blog or web site with your personal testimony or academic article. Thanks! God bless!