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Feminism, Self-Estrangement, and the "Disease" of Pregnancy
by Mary Krane Derr, M.S.W.

The Politics of Breast Cancer Research and Abortion
by Rachel M. MacNair

Studies Suggesting That Induced Abortion May Increase the Feminization of Poverty
by Thomas W. Strahan, J.D.

Playing Politics with Science
by Culture Jam for Life

Great Britain's Debate Over the Utilization of Fetal Ova
by Angela Kennedy

India's Problem of Female Abortion and Infanticide
by Culture Jam for Life

China's Brave New World
by Culture Jam for Life

Rebecca Gomperts and Her Ship of Death
by Culture Jam for Life

Censoring Little Girls on Technicalities and Other Pro-Abortion Extremism
by Culture Jam for Life

Holly Patterson: 18-Year-Old Victims of "Safe, Legal and Rare" Abortion
by Culture Jam for Life