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Rebecca Gomperts and her Ship of Death
by Culture Jam for Life

In 1997, Rebecca Gomberts came up with the idea of sailing around the world and cutting up fetuses inside women's wombs. These women would be from countries where abortion is illegal or very restrictive. And on her Dutch-registered ship, she could freely do the cutting and sucking 12 miles off-shore of any country, being in international waters.

Gomperts doesn't think twice about "doing abortions," i.e. killing unborn children--"The procedure itself isn't particularly interesting, but the moral and political issues surrounding it are. And you really are able to help people with it. It's such a simple thing."

And after some accussed her or cultural imperialism, she replies that "We've been accused of being a neocolonialist organization. And that's weird to me. We're not going out to show the world how good we are. We are intervening to show a breach of human rights for women who are being violated."

According to Gomberts, sticking a sharp vacuum up a woman's vagina is not violating her, but telling her not to kill the life inside her is violating her. Gomperts brings creativity to her logic, but it exposes itself as nonsense. During one trip, she ended up having registration problems, but passed out some RU-486 and other forms of birth control (1). In 2001, Women on Waves, as they called themselves, sailed to Ireland on their neocolonialist mission, and were met with protests from pro-life groups. Lizet Kraal, an event planner from the Netherlands that was enlisted to help Gomperts on their death-selling journey, was pessimistic about who would come to the ship: "I'm told we've had only one serious injury so far--from a student, I think" (2). In 2003, Gomperts and fellow blood-thirsty "progressives" sailed to Poland to spread their product of death.

Rebecca Gomberts was not the only person vying to be the merchant of death. Dr. Philip Nitschke of Australia was planning on buying a Dutch-registered ship and practice euthanasia just off of Australia's coastal waters (3).

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rebecca gomperts ship of death
Abortionist Rebecca Gomperts explains how to kill unborn human life by using "Arthrotec," a readily-available drug in many countries on a Portugese television show, September 7, 2004.