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walk for life

All of the photos, including many more of this event, are available at

pro life march
The entire time, the pro-life protestors were peaceful, even after pro-abortion anarchists and leftists throw objects at them and yell at them. Pro-aborts hate free speech.

pro-abortion nazis
The insane pro-aborts yelled at the pro-lifers.

A pro-abort threw a faux abortion, a red, slimy liquid with unidentified globs, at the pro-lifers.

abortion coward
The pro-abortion woman who threw the "abortion." She hyperventilated after merely being questioned by the police for throwing it at the pro-lifers, which is assault and assault on freedom of speech as well. Of course, the fellow anarchists and pro-aborts yelled at the officers, calling them "pigs."

walk for life
More threats from the pro-aborts, who can debate rationally and instead rely on intimidation.

tired slogans
They call this an argument?  Yeah, we have much higher standards than that.

socialist pro aborts
Unrepentant murderers... as well as Socialists.

pro abortion hate
More irrational propaganda from a pro-abort.

pro-abortion nazis
More "arguments" from the pro-aborts.

abortion is evil
Some hateful propaganda from pro-aborts, who hate showers.

abortion is evil
Hate on a pizza box.

All of the photos, including many more of this event, are available at