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Angela, Illinois

You can see on the news how there are so many laws there are protecting various animals who are on the verge of extinction because of human causes. However, the laws protecting human life inside are limited--you have a right to decide if you should have a baby or not. People would ask, what is the basis of this statement? Well here it is:

A human starts off the same way an animal does. They both start off as a simple group meant to produce life, then they are embryos, soon they have heart beats and develop bones, hair, skin, and they start to move as regular people do. There are more laws protecting Betsy the pig's babies than there is to protect the life of a future human being. If Betsy had a choice to have her baby, what would she do? Stand outside the vet telling their docs to keep their crucifixes off of her uterus? Perhaps, but Betsy doesn't know any better, she just does what is natural and has her little baby pig(s). I think that if Betsy had a mind to decide, she would know ahead of time to protect herseslf from pregnancy. Perhaps Betsy's mom would know enough to teach her the effect an unwanted pregnancy will have on her entire life. I can imagine such a conversation, "Betsy, dear, do you just want to tie a cinder block around and just jump into the lake?", "go ahead and have that abortion, the guilt would just as well kill you on the inside because it will always be in back of your mind of how you killed the babies."

As moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, we have to teach our kids that abortion is not like having a simple tattoo removed, as if once it is gone, that is it. Or is it? I don't think so because after you remove a tattoo, there is a scar. Heck, even if you have surgery to remove the scar, there is still a scar. Even if you were to have surgery to remove a scar to remove a scar to remove a scar, if you look underneath all that plastic and aftificial skin, there still remains...a scar.

We have a mind, a will and of course, a choice. A choice to not always get caught up in the heat of the moment and choose wisely that your next partner will be the one you are married to or risk the fact that the person you are giving yourself to so intimately will probably deny you the next day regardless of the "love" they have for you so much the night before. They probably will feel as disgusted as you will but will not admit it. After that, we know what happens, what is the purpose of sex? It is simply to reproduce, not to satisfy some physical need you have! It is companionship you look for, not a reason to "Get your rocks off" because the events that follow are ones meant only for a man and a woman who are married to can only perform, the rearing of a wonderful child.

Since we are on the subject of animals, I may as well just bite the bullet. Dogs can go from dog to dog, do their thing and just move on not even worrying about what the consequences will be. Wow! sound familiar? yes, I am saying it, to teach your kids and for you to do, it is just like an animal and that doesn't seperate us much from them, Of course there are the arguments that say that we are in fact, animals. I think not, animals do not have much intellect, choice and a will and we do. So for those of you jumping around from partner to partner, you are in fact saying that you are no better then the dogs, cats and yes, pigs that are out there only following what their animal instincts are, TO REPRODUCE!

Before you get caught up in the heat of the moment of how much compassion you feel when you seen how Betsy had to reject one of her young because it was lame and how the doctors had to intervene and raise it for her and how you reject your young into the mouth of a vacuum in bits and pieces in an effort to clear out the intrusion in your own life. It's just too bad that they can't suck out your conscience and memory of it as well with that poor fetus.

If you do not like what you are reading, I do not apologize for uncovering the truth that some of us don't even stop to think of. However, if you are actually reading this please take the time to thank God that your birth mother made to right choice and chose life because they know that your life was not a mere intrusion.

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