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Ashley, Illinois

I am pro-life for many reasons. First of all, abortion is the killing of a growing human baby. It just happens to be unborn and in the mother's womb until nine months are up. Pro-abortionists always say it's just a blob of tissue and that it doesn't feel anything. Well, they even call it a blob of tissue even when it has a skull (head), a brain, a heart, fingers, toes, arms, legs, etc. They don't realize that it's not just tissue! The unborn baby does indeed feel pain, as was scientifically proven, even though pro-abortionists say that's not right.

Another reason I'm pro-life is because I don't like to see any baby, born or unborn, hurt. He or she is still a life, a precious life, that is not yours to take. It's up to God to decide if and when that baby dies. Killing your baby isn't a choice like most people think. Yeah, they call it a choice because it's legal and it lives in their body for nine months, but why destroy it? That life was made for a purpose--to live, not to die. When women abort, they're trapped in a world of lies and deceit. They have nowhere else to go but down. Whether it's the boyfriend who made the choice, her own mother's, or the family of the mother's, they don't realize what they're going to do will affect them in some way. Most people regret their decision to abort, while some don't. Is their decision not regretable to them because they feel no love for their unborn? Or is it because they feel it just was the right choice they made for their own unborn? We'll never know.

The only way we can stop abortion is by getting everyone to vote against it and see what they're aborting is more than just tissue and cells. Most pro-choicers feel that it is just a blob of tissue because it's "not fully human yet." We're all made of tissue and cells, and more, so does that make the unborn any less human? Care to check an ultrasound? Pro-life is a great road to take. We're for saving the precious unborn lives, while others are for destroying it.

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