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Beth, North Carolina

Abortion is wrong for many reasons. I have a friend who was for abortion and then he thought he got some girl pregnant. Now of course he freaked out because he was still in school but that was his fault for making that mistake. He had always thought abortion was ok and he thought so in this situation. Until he sat there and thought about the fact that his mother was 17 when she had him. He then noticed he wouldn't even be here today if she would of had that mentality. That is just one point.

Killing does not solve a problem. Your friend steals your girlfriend, he wronged so think about killing him for it; you think that will solve everything. No--that's not how the world works. Killing human life is murder. If you're saying that you would kill a baby you're just as bad as the Columbine kids who shot up their school because they were made fun of.

Doctor kavorkian is also another prime example of the Culture of Death. He was arrested many times for assisted suicide. If your mother had cancer and she felt as though life sucked, would you enjoy it if she had someone kill her? Hopefully you would be infuriated. This is the same concept--taking life instead of letting life live.

As for abortion, I don't care if you think since you brought it into the world you should be able to bring it out. That is wrong, and akin to saying that your parents should be able to kill you just because your irritating them. Abortion is the act of killing an innocent bystander.

Everything happens for a reason. Your child has a purpose in not only your life but also this world. Do you still want to kill her or him?

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