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Caitlin, Ohio

My story is different, and may not be liked by all. But it is my story. By my freshman year of highschool I was dating the seniors. Most of the time are dates constited of sex. We never used protection but I didn't care. In March of my freshman year I learned I was pregnant. This to me was a dead-end road. I knew that it was my fault, but I didn't care about that. I had no intention of keeping the child or giving it up for adoption. And I knew I couldn't tell my parents. My parents were strict Christians and had already warned me and my sisters that if any of us ended up pregnant before marriage that we would be on the streets. I ended up talking to one of my friends who was a freshman in college. They knew of an abortion clinic that would help me for very little cash. I went ahead and had an abortion. I never thought that my baby could feel pain or anything. I just thought it was tissue, basically nothing. The months following I didn't want to dwell on what I did. I knew that one day my past would catch up to me, but I tried not to think on that. I figured I could keep on having sex and if something happened, I would turn to abortion again. Then that summer my mom took my sisters and me to Alive Festival in Canal-Fulton. I walked into the store tent and saw a booth set up that said Rock for Life. I decided to check it out. One of the volunteers there gave me some informational packets to look over. I was reading over when the babies heart started to beat and when they started to feel pain. I took it to my camp-site and looked it over that night. I didn't want to believe it, but I knew then that I had done something wrong. I realized that when I had an abortion I didn't kill tissue, I killed a live baby. A baby that could breathe and feel pain. It was overwhelming to take in the information. I didn't want to believe it. I went back the next day wanting to know more about life before birth. And I got so much information. It was amazing. I ended up receiving Christ that summer of 2004, and am now pro-life.

I've learned a lot from that. Babies in the womb are people too. They laugh, move, everything. It's something we have to learn to realize. God bless.

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