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Cassey, Texas

My main reasoning for writing, seeing as you are a man . . . why do you have such strong feelings towards this cause? I totally agree with you, don't get me wrong! Heck, I believe that whoever gets (or gives) an abortion should be charged with murder! Any thing with a beating heart is a person. And fetus' have hearts at about three weeks gestation . . . long before most women find out. I'm a firm believer in adoption, seeing as there are many childless people that long to have children, but, for some reason or another are unable to. And here are all the idiots killing their children, whether it be by someone's vaccum or shoving them in a dumpster somewhere. They will be dealt with though, when it is time to answer to God. And only then will they understand the full effects of their "work".

Sorry if I sounded a little sexist or anything . . . I was just a tad bit shocked as most men aren't to worried about this subject. I think you are great, though, Thank you!

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