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Cathy, Illinois

There is absolutely nothing right about abortion. A lot of women think you're just killing a "blob". That "blob" is, in scientific fact, a human being. We were all once "blobs" at one point in our life while developing. Aren't you glad your mom didn't kill you? I think abortion is the worst choice a woman can make! If you know you're still in school and you don't want a kid, or if you know you have money problems that you can't afford to have a kid, keep your legs shut! Simple as that. Having a baby is the best thing a woman can do! Just holding something in your arms, a human being, and just knowing you carried this person around for nine months and you took care of it; I think that would be the greatest feeling of accomplishment.

I think going through with an abortion makes a woman that much weaker. As I sit here, I cannot think of one reason why abortion is okay. How could anyone even think it's a good thing? You're killing a human being. Why aren't they charged with murder then? I don't see how anyone could go through with it; they're killing a baby that didn't even get a chance to breathe. How low can a person get?

Isn't it hypocritical for someone to be pro-choice to kill when they're already born?

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