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Chelsea, New Jersey


Yeah, freedom of choice for everyone, right? Except the babies being killed--where's their choice? There are places girls can go who have unwanted pregnancies where they can live for the term and then give their babies up to couples who cannot have children. The girls are able to interview the couples and chose (it's their CHOICE) a loving family for their babies. Is going through the labor process to give life to a child really that bad? It’s a selfless act, and the least a mother can do. It is statistically proven that there are as many couples who are trying hard and cannot conceive as there are woman who do conceive and get rid of their babies. There are other options that don't involve killing children. My sister and I were supposed to be born with deformities to our brains and bodies and the doctors suggested my mother abort her pregnancies. It was said that I was to be born mentally and physically handicapped with extreme deformities to the spinal cord and my sister was supposed to be born with water on the brain and only live for a few years at the most. But my mother knew that even if her children were to be handicapped, she wanted to give them love, even if it were only to be for a short period of time. Despite what the doctors said, my sister and myself were born perfectly normal and actually excelled in the arts and academics, and I’m glad she didn't abort her pregnancies because we have a right to life just as any child does, living or not, with brain development or not, even if their mothers didn't feel like using protection. And don't think just because a baby's brain is not yet fully developed until the third month means it's okay to kill her or him then, because what about people (this could have been me and my sister) who have mental handicaps and don't have fully developed and well functioning brains? Are they not real people yet? Is it okay to kill them too? Every one of us began this way, we are conceived and develop from cells and tissue and are cells and tissue until the day we die; you and I are no different than these unborn children; we developed and were born and now are ALIVE! That’s why a baby is in the womb for 9 months--so it can develop like you and me! A human is a human, and murder is murder no matter how old or young you are.

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