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Christina, California

I am pro-life. I am for life. I am for giving the unborn a chance to survive just as we have all been given a life and chance to live it. I think that abortion is inhumane and a method of birth control. I am for awareness of birth control methods, if these people don't want the responsibility of a baby then let them use condoms. This isn't a religious battle, but a humane battle. Abortion is the fight for human life. The baby screams a silent cry and fights against the vacum sucking it's very life away. The unborn baby does not want a scalpel slammed into their skull, would you? That unborn baby could have been you; but that's okay because its population control or a woman's body, right? Wrong--abortion involves more than a woman's body--it is the baby's body too. Every day there are thousands of unheard screams of terror because the murderous act of abortion. Abortion is not justified.

In response to religious reasoning--this is separate from religion. God was not mentioned once in my comment. But regardless, I am sure many say it's just because pro-lifers are often religious and how we should separate church and state. I believe strongly in the separation of church and state. I also believe strongly in the seperation between life and death. Death should come naturally and life should be given to each individual. Life is not a choice. Life is what brought us all here to this debate. Life has granted us the chance to make something of ourselves and I believe that every unborn child should have the chance to make something of themselves as well.

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