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Danielle, California

The world should stop, look and listen. Then the people of the world should remember. Adolf Hitler led Nazi Germany in the commission of crimes against humanity. He led the German people in an effort to strip the world of morality. He appealed to the selfish nature that is present in all humans; he appealed to the innate desire to be superior to others. Hitler promoted the idea that one human is more worthy of life than another, and that it is permissible to murder those who are deemed inferior.

Hitler's ideas were not new - philosophers and rulers before him indulged and promulgated such notions. But Adolf Hitler left us searing example of the horrors which herald the banishment of truth and justice.

Abortion denies the humanity of zygotes, embryos and fetuses. Those names are medical terms used to describe a human in the beginning and early stages of development. They are part of the natural chain of terms which the medical profession has used for years: zygote, embryo, fetus, baby, toddler, child, adolescent, adult, etc. The word "embryo" today does not carry a human connotation for many--we have been duped into believing a "baby" is the earliest form of human life, or at least the earliest form of human life worth protecting.

The Nazis labeled Jews as animals. The Jews were reviled and hated, and through the constant propaganda of the German government became less than human in the eyes of society. Abortion proponents has accomplished a similar feat: through propaganda and double-speak, the world's citizens have been taught to ignore the scientific evidence that human life begins at the moment of conception. The Germans ignored evidence staring them in the face; they disregarded the obvious humanity of the persons they herded onto trains and into gas chambers. People today disregard clear and irrefutable proof that human life begins long before birth.

No one bothers to stop for a moment, look at the proof and listen to logic. Instead, abortion supporters use emotional pleas and devious rhetoric to tell the world that women must be able to access to abortion as birth control and that men have no right to object. Our society fuels the fires of ignorance by suppressing the logic and by suppressing the evidence. The purported rights of women to kill innocent life have taken precedence over the rights of the most helpless.

How could the Nazis ignore the humanity of the people whose bodies they burned? It is easy for us to judge today, to wonder how they could be so blind. It is easy to wonder how they could build those ovens and gas chambers. Adolf Hitler convinced a nation to believe a horrible lie, and today his memory is reviled only because the world received a slap in the face and fought back. Will generations to follow look at the pictures of abortion clinics in horror? Will they wonder how an entire nation, an entire world, could be duped?

The alarms are ringing: women are dying, families are being torn apart, children are bearing children, sickness ravages nations. But sleeping in the dark comfort of blind selfishness, the world ignores the wake-up call. We have lost our respect for humanity. Our priceless treasure, our hope for the future, our children, have become a burden.

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

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