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Danni, Florida

I dont think people should have irresponsible sex. It should be between people who actually love each other--I lost my virginity recently, at 18, to a guy I loved and I thought loved me. I got pregnant. That's when I found out he didn't love me. When I called him and told him (he's in the Coast Guard and was away at the time) he told me to "get a fucking abortion" and didn't talk to me for three days after that. I didn't have an abortion--I believe in pro-choice--you have the choice of having sex or not. If you choose to and get pregnant you shouldn't be allowed to commit murder. I didn't have an abortion, but I did have a miscarriage at four months. I didn't particularly want a baby--I was going to give her or him up for adoption--but I was traumatized nonetheless.

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