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Elizabeth, California

Pro Life: The Only Ethical Choice

A friend of mine explained the different options of abortion to me, and it was uncomfortable for her to describe the processes beyond the technical words; it is disgusting to comprehend. “You can take a pill, like a post-sex birth control measure,” she told me, obviously not grasping her own words. This particular pill, whose properties are commonly found in all birth control pills, burns the fetus tissue with a controlled acid. The thought that came to me was, “What if someone did that to you?”

I tell that to anyone who informs me of their willingness to get an abortion; they all tell me that I’m not being open-minded to a woman’s right to choose. “Pro-choice” is such a trite oxymoron; I choose to not support abortion and I am in the wrong. A woman does not have the right to choose to take a life the same way a man does not have that right. To help you follow me, here’s the illustration I shared with my friend:

“‘A relatively new mother is cooking a soup and balancing her 5 year old son on her hip as she stirs the pot. The little boy reaches out and jerks the spoon in his mom’s grasp, burning the mother. She scolds her little boy and returns to stirring the pot. The boy does it again. The mother grabs a steak knife out of a nearby drawer and stabs her 5 year old. Is that murder?’ I asked her.

‘Yeah,’ she blurted without a second thought.

‘What if it was 5 minutes after birth, he’s still crying, and she takes a knife to his throat?’


I’m pretty sure she began to see my point.

‘What if it’s five minutes before he was born?’

I had to repeat the question to elicit an audible response.

‘…yes…’ she admitted.

‘What if it’s five months before he’s born that she kills him?’”

I’m very happy to say that she did not kill her child, and although it is hard, she is coping and very happy that she didn’t kill her daughter, who is almost 2 now.

Others tell me that at months not a child; it’s a “fetus”. A “fetus” will have complete DNA and genetic structuring at months; he will have the green eyes, brown hair, and height genes all pre-programmed into him already at months.

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