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elizabeth pro-life
Elizabeth, Texas

"Rarely do well-behaved women make history." I just might be the poster child for being pro-life.

I have had five kids. My third child, William, was diagnosed w/ a fatal birth defect at 15 weeks gestation. I carried him to term against many peoples objections. He lived three hours and seven minutes. He changed my life and others in his short time on Earth! People still feel moved to improve something in their lives after seeing his memorial site: His name is actually William Jasper (we changed it after I created the page).

Five months after that I became pregnant with my fourth child, Isabella. Because of my history they looked for problems early and sure enough there was a big one with her brain. This was found at 12 wks gestation. All my doctors kept trying to persuade me to abort. Why put my family through this, they said. Needless to say, I carried Bella to term. She was born with Alobar Holoprosencepahly, a major brain malformation. She is two and a half and totally disabled. She also is the biggest blesssing in our life. I can't imagine life without her. She is very miraculous too. She has helped people see the big time blessings they have in their lives. Her site is:

Women who are pregnant with a sick baby need to remember they can not allow a doctor to kill him or her to spare their live's hardship. If you were diagnosed with cancer you wouldn't want a law allowing your loved ones the right to kill you would you!? Let think about CHOICE!

And for those who have healthy babies and are being selfish about not wanting to carry the baby, well you really should have thought about that before you have sex! And if you're in a situatiuon like that PLEASE let some loving couple ADOPT the baby! Think about yourself girls--would you really want to have been killed before ever having a chance to experience life!? No, you wouldn't no matter what hard times you've gone through. I KNOW I can say that because I have has a very rough life, but I still thank God my mom chose life!

Elizabeth and husband Todd

Elizabeth's children

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