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Emily, Missouri

I think that abortion is wrong because if a baby is aborted they never get the chance to live, and you will never know what that human would have turned out to be. For all we know they could have been the next Stephen or Peter, living for Jesus and dying for him also. It dehumanizes women because it shows that the mother doesn't care about their child and they are too self-absorbed to care for a child that she and some man created; she thinks that babies don't need a chance at life. Then the woman becomes a reusable "sex toy" because all the guys think that since she got pregnant once and killed her child then that she'll do it every time, which she probably would.

I know a girl who got pregnant once and thankfully she chose life for her child. He is only a few months old but he is probably one of the happiest babies ever. He seems to be always smiling and loves getting all the attention. I'm very thankful that she chose life for her son and I'm sure he's going to turn out to be a great kid and a loving person, just like his mom and dad.

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