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Emily, West Virginia

My opinions come from being a Christian, and what God has chosen for us. In cases of incest or rape I think aboriton is tolerable but not someone who is trying to get out of their mess-up.

Abortion as a form of birth control should be illegal, because an innocent child should not have to be killed because of someone's mistake.

Here is a story an older lady in my church who was nearly 100 when she died. She was born in the late 1800's at this point, and when she was born she was only two pounds. Someone told her parents that God has a purpose for this child; and it turns out even in the 1800's she beat the odds and survivied, even though she was simply pinned to an old pillow at home for the first few months. God did have a purpose for her.

If I got pregnant I would feel very compelled to keep a child that I have produced. Besides, it would be my fault not his or hers, so he or she should not have to be killed in utero.

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