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Grace, Florida

This is what i think about people having abortion. First of all, it's not the kid's fault because her/his parents are so irresponsble about being not careful and not protected. So once a girl gets pregnant and she tells her boyfriend about it and the guy doesn't like it or is not ready to have a kid they always say something about abortion. That pisses me off so bad because they don't know how lucky they are to have a kid on the way. I'm so against abortion. If one of my friends will get an abortion, my outlook on her will change totally and I will probably lose my interest in her from her thinking about it. I can't understand why many people, even as I'm writing this, are probably having abortions and not thinking about what is going to happen to the baby and of course to themselves. If you're not ready to have a kid yet then be responsible instead of ruining the life of those who are still innocent. If you have unprotected sex and unexpectedly you have a kid, keep her or him and once you have the kid you can always give them up for adoption. A lot of people are unable to have kids and by adopting it will help them and also the kid's life. That's my opinion about girls or women having abortion. Think before you go having sex if you are ready to the consequences that will come.

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