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Heather, Georgia

Hello! I love your cause. Abortion is the equivilent to murder. By aborting an unborn child you are saying that you don't want a gift that God sent to you. Who wants to refuse God? Padre Pio once shared a story of a woman who had an abortion. He was hearing confessions and she was chosen to be heard out of thousands of people. She went into the confessional and made her confession. He asked her, "Is there anything you left out?" She replied with a simple "no." He did not give her absolution and told her to go home, think if there was anything she forgot, and to return the next day. She came back the next day he asked "Did you think of anything?" She said "No." He said to close her eyes and look closely. What she saw was a man kneeling in a pew, praying. She told him of what she saw and he said "That was the child you aborted..." If you are going to have sex you have to consider that there is a chance that a new life is going to be created and you have to take responsibility for that life. Aborting a child ruins his/her chance to contribute to our society and become something great. Thanks for getting the word out! You're awesome!

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