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Jill, Tennessee

1,400,000 times a year, a baby is killed. Every 20 seconds someone has an abortion--more than 28 million babies have been killed since the Jan 22, 1973 decision of Roe vs. Wade. I think abortion is very wrong, because you are killing an innocent baby who did not have a choice in life. People should grow up and take responsiblity for their actions. But it also it clearly says in the Bible that it is wrong to kill someone, and that includes having an abortion. So many people get caught up in today's society and how that abortions are okay, but they have never been okay. So many babies who are aborted could have grown up to be doctors, lawyers, preachers, and teachers. And because of one person not thinking about anyone but themselves, the world will be that much worse then it was. So please, think about this before you have an abortion, or even someone you know. Don't let them make the mistake that so many people do all over the world.

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