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Julia, Florida

A friend of mine pickets outside of an abortion clinic in downtown Orlando every week and every so often, women will agree to get a sonogram from a tech on the street team and they eventually end up changing their minds and keeping their baby. One such woman we know gave birth about 4 years ago to a beautiful, happy baby boy. She is now married (to a different man) and has another baby with him. To look at those boys, it seems hard to imagine that anyone would want to deprive the world of such marvelous creations.

Abortion is not a choice based on feminism or independence, that's just a convenient excuse to cover up the real issue: the selfishness and immaturity of the women who decide to commit this act.

How strange that women who got pregnant willingly are "with child" or "having a baby" whereas women who don't want to give birth are merely housing "tissue."

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