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Kendall, California

Taking religion out of the issue on abortion, I find it unacceptable the amount of abortions that women are having these days. There are more abortions given in the new millenium we live in, than there were when birth control was given out for free to ladies in clinics during the seventies. There are thousands of ways to prevent pregnancy: thousands of brands of condoms and birth control pills, along with other forms of contraceptives...AND THEY'RE ALL FREE! There is no reason for any women to be aborting a baby. If all else fails and one is really scared of the repercussions of sex, i.e. pregancy, or sexually transmitted diseases, one can always abstain from sex until one is ready to except the consequences of making such decisions. It is against the law to kill another person, yet we find ourselves playing God....deciding when life begins. Life begins, as soon as the sperm reaches the egg. That's why, when this happens, its called being pregnant. If murder is against the law, why does a women get to freely murder an child? Since when do we choose who lives and who dies. Abortion isn't a women's choice, it's a decision to be irresponsible. The government can punish those who murder and abortion is murder. If you're pro-choice, then remember that it could have been you. Your mom didn't have to keep you. With abortion laws in-tact, we are giving everyone a fair chance at life. Deal with the consequences of sex, or don't participate in it.

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