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Due to "personal" experience . . . abortion can be such a touchy issue . . . I do my best not to involve myself in anything that is considered "poitical" . . . but i will share my HEART instead on this matter . . . I have been through three abortions (many years ago) due to being immature, selfish and uneducated. I will be honest and say that if I could've done things differently I would have & may have spared myself (and those involved) from much heartache. It's much more than physically damaging to the body . . . it's emotionally & spiritually damaging . . . I'm very fortunate that I my faith totally is in Jesus & I have been forgiven, but not everyone who has been through this is so fortunate . . . so the emotional scars forever stay with them. I continue to encourage your organization to stand up for what is good and just . . . perhaps one day my testimony will help another girl out there struggling to make such a difficult decision . . . thank you for taking the time to read this . . . God Bless!

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