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Melissa, Georgia

“Why are you pro-life?” That may be the question most often asked of me throughout my life. Well, I have one answer: “Because I am a Christian and I believe that murder is wrong.” The fact that I am a Christian is the number one reason to me, but the majority of pro-choicers are not so that is by no means my argument to them. The pro-choice, or pro-abortion, movement has acquired many names for themselves recently: pro-choice, pro-abortion, reproductive rights activists. To me, they all mean the same thing--supporter of murder.

People ask me “As a woman, how can you support a movement that takes away the rights of women?” Well I think the fact that I am a woman has only strengthened my belief in my pro-life stance. As a woman I rejoice in the fact that I have the ability to create life! I ask the pro-abortion women, “How can you as a woman, how can you give up your reproductive rights?” As women we are the only ones that can care for and nurture an unborn child, so that it may be given a chance to live a wonderful life. Why would anyone willingly give up such an honor?!

As a pro-life person I have been accused of hating sex. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I think that sex can be a beautiful experience. I will say that I hate irresponsible sex. I have been ridiculed for my decision to wait until I am married, and I am completely fine with that. It is my firm belief that if you are not ready for the responsibility of giving birth to a child, then you are not ready for sex. Not being ready to raise a child is a different story entirely. Adoption can be a wonderful thing! If a woman feels as if she is not ready to raise a child, I assure you that there is a couple somewhere that unfortunately cannot have children of their own or even a single person who would like to raise a child that will gladly take on that responsibility for you.

I remember my first personal experience regarding abortion. I was 16 years old, a junior in high school. A friend of mine told me on our lunch break that she had had an abortion that weekend. I was not yet a Christian and hadn’t thought much abortion at all, so I didn’t really know how to feel. But what I did know was that it was tearing her apart inside. She had so many different emotions inside that no one ever told her she would experience. The staff at the clinic had explained some of the physical “discomfort” she may experience, but no one bothered to talk about the psychological effect that having an abortion would have on her. All I could think to do was hug her and let her cry on me. I went home and cried for hours, for my friend, for the child that would never get to take a breath, and also for myself because I had never felt more lost. I knew from that day forward I would always be pro-life.

My second experience was one with a wonderful happy ending! My baby sister was 19 years old and on her way to finishing her medical assistant schooling when she found out she was pregnant. She told our mother and me; and again, all I could do was cry. I cried for my sister, only because I knew her life would never be the same and I knew she wasn’t ready for this. She told me that her long-time boyfriend asked her to have an abortion. I was shocked and asked her what her plans were. I really didn’t know what to expect, my sister was not a Christian and had never been exposed to abortion that I knew of. She told me that she was going to carry and raise her child. I was overwhelmed with joy. She knew it would be very difficult, but it was her duty to that child. This December 2nd we will be celebrating my nephew Caleb’s first birthday. He has filled our entire family with such happiness this year and I cannot imagine life without him now. So I ask all of you pro-choice, pro-abortion, reproductive rights people, can you imagine your life without your brother, sister, niece, nephew, husband or wife? I can’t see how anyone with half a heart could think about that and still say it is a woman’s choice to decide who comes into this world and who is murdered on their way here.

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