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Life: something everyone has and deserves to have. Not one human being should be denied life. We always look down upon the murderers and serial killers in this world. Some even are sentenced to death themselves. However day to day, we look over some of the worst murders in the world. To take a life away--that's murder isn't it? To take a child's life away is murder, yet "pro-choice" women get away with it all the time. Not only are they killing their own child, but a part of them dies. They are more susceptible to breast cancer and other things. Why would you give away someone's chance to continue to live? Let the child be born, if you can't support her, let someone else give her love and shelter. I could never bring myself to abort my child. I would die myself first. Life is a gift to give; don't give it away before she has a chance to live. Live, love, love to live. Love is to give life.

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