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Abortion..what does it mean? Termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus, an aborted organism. But its not just a mere organism, it's your OWN child. It came from you, you carried it, your giving it life, and soon you will be a proud parent. Put yourself in the child's position. You dont have the choice or any choice for that matter whether or not you want to live, your helpless, depending on your mother to take the responsiblity that she has taken when she first had sex with your father. Abortion is something many use as a way out, a way to live the life that they wanted to live without anything holding them back or having any responsibilities, but thats the FIRST thing that you should have thought of when you were having sex, is it safe, do i want a child, and if i do get pregnant, am i ready to be a mother, father, whoever.

Abortion is not the only option--giving her or him a life is. Teminating their only chance to make a difference in this world is not only wrong, but something to be ashamed of--taking a life--your own child's life. Women are strong, we are no longer housewives--we are executives, bosses, lawyers, people who can stand for what they believe is right, and if we choose to take a life, a life that we have created ourselves, that shows that we are weak, that we can't handle being a mother, something that is not handed out on a piece of paper, something that cannot be taken away.

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