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pro-life testimoniesrianna

Rianna, Texas

I have had a lot of people come up to me and tell me that "pro-choice is the way to go." I told them that this isn't what I believed in. I told these "friends" that life is too precious for anyone to take, even if it is a 21-year-old person killing a 32-year-old.

No matter what way you look at the abortion as birth control, there are always different ways of handling it. You don't call your baby a fetus. When you find out you are pregnant you tell your friends and family, "We are going to have a baby!" Many of my friends are Kerry supporters just for the fact that he is less againt gay marriage and he is pro-choice to kill unborn human life, even as a form of birth control. I have nothing against my friends for thinking he is the best option. I truly believe he has the right heart for it, he just needs to work on some issues.

I know of a friend of mine who was pregnant. She had her baby last week. She got pregnant with her boyfriend. She is Catholic. She never has believed in abortion or adoption. She and her little family (now) are very happy. They are only 17 years old and they are taking care of their responsiblities. I look up to her, not for the fact that she sinned but for the fact that she has faith and she will never give up.

Women has other options than abortion. If a woman wants to go through the pain of an abortion, then she should just wait nine months and have her baby then give him or her up for adoption.

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