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pro-life testimoniesrobyn

Robyn, Georgia

The whole idea of abortions just deeply sadness me. To think that someone could say that a baby, still in her or his mother's womb isn't human is appalling!

Imagine how different of a world it would be if all the aborted babies were alive and well today? Imagine the leaders, prophets, and world changers that could be making a difference in this world and were never given the chance to!

To think that one third of MY generation is missing truly breaks my heart. Did you know that they actually had to change the SAT scores to account for the decline in the expected population growth?

But my heart also breaks just as equally for the women who feel like they had no other choice, that they had no way out. My prayers are with them, as well as the men who have wanted the child but were never taken into account!

What the world has come to today? If only people knew real truth! Real love, that can only come from our Saviour Jesus Christ. Praise God for his forgiveness as well as His redemption, because no matter if you have had one abortion or twenty, Jesus forgives them all. And He still loves you! And He will never leave you if you just ask him to forgive you!

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