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pro-life testimoniessamantha

Samantha, Florida

As a woman, i have been forced by society, to choose the road less traveled. It is a road that society sees as narrow-minded, uneducated, right-wing, selfish, etc. However, in having to choose a side, I know the side of pro-life is the proper choice. In a society that is looking for the easy way out, abortion has turned into birth control. When I hear woman claim that a woman has a right to choose, I immediately think to myself--that right started when she decided not to use birth control (whether that be abstinence or condoms) and common sense. The harsh reality is that our society is spinning out of control and we are finding clever ways to justify our wrongs. The idea that a child in the womb is not life is beyond my understanding. I know that if society would take off their blinders and put down their gavels that carry justification for killing we would be able to see that murder is murder and life is life. It's not a hard concept when we stop trying to give excuses and start trying to be realistic.

To me the most powerful concept of this issue is the ultimate form of hypocrasy taking place. When a person makes the decision to take a life, I am not sure when they were handed the title of God. When we are honest with ourselves, no one living has the right to choose life or death for another person. All moms were pro-life and gave everyone the right to live. Where did we become so ignorant and numb to the fact that all living were granted life by someone?

I know the biggest issue that is faced here is about rape and incest cases. The numbers never lie and when people want facts they can have them. The actual number of abortions that are had for rape and incest is only a mere 2%. Something should alarm you about this and it definitely does me--that a majority of abortions are done as a form of birth control because people are irresponsible. When dealing with rape or incest, abortion is justifiable, but most are done as a form of murderous birth control. That doesn't stop pro-choicers to bring up these rare cases, which would be legal with pro-life laws, to justify abortion as birth control. When we are only in it to correct our mistakes, we have let this monster get out of control. The abortion industry is thriving on lies to little girls. They never match a mom to a baby they have just killed. They simply dress it up in a pretty package they call "Planned Parenthood," selling this manufactured lie to girls who are too scared to face their reality. Girls are often not presented the option of giving their baby up for adoption. Girls are often told that they will have their secret kept safe when in reality it is illegal and all part of the industry. The monopoly has to stop. Its time to kill this modern day frankenstein. Expose the lies. Dont believe everything that MTV and CNN tells you. Research for yourself, find the facts, take off the blinders, and start the change.

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