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Shari, Michigan

I think that abortion is wrong for too many reasons to count. But the main reason is that I don't believe in the taking of a human life, especially one as innocent as an unborn child's. So many people try to justify it. Even though she may not want the child, that doesn't give her a right to murder him or her! (Note how I didn't say 'it'.) A child never should pay the consequences for irresponsibility. I agree with George W. Bush that there should be more attention paid to the other options such as foster care or adoption. Those are much better alternatives to abortion. An unborn child is still a child! It lives, has a heartbeat, has brain activity, and all of the characteristics, scientifically speaking, that would define a living human being. How can you simply call something so beautiful and complex "just tissue" or say that "it's a woman's right"?! It should not be a woman's right to murder!

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