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Tracy, New Jersey

We have had four children that are sooooo sweet and cute. Two of them the doctors said I should abort because they will have Down syndrome. They said it so matter of factly like, well, will you be considering terminating your pregnancy? I couldn't believe that these ultra-sound techs and doctors are influencing SO MANY abortions just by suggesting it as the thing to do to pregnant mothers. All four of my kids (2 girls and 2 boys) are soooo smart and really cute. They are winning awards in academics and helping feed the homeless. There is NOTHING wrong with my kids. I feel sorry for the women who are given bad information, are unsure, and end up aborting their perfectly normal babies because of fear. This same thing happened to my sister. Her daughter is genius level, and they told her to abort when she was pregnant because they said her baby would be mentally handicapped. I wish there was a way we could stop this misinformation that is leading to loving moms killing their babies. I wish it could never happen to another mother/child ever again.

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