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Trish, Michigan

Why I think abortion is wrong? There are many reasons why I believe this "procedure" should not be used. Yes, I know the female is scared and doesn't know what to do, but the media allows people to believe the baby isn't fully formed and really can't feel anything. This is such a bunch of bull, since like from conception it is fully human and a human being. Older fetuses can scientifically feel pain and can respond to stimuli. How is this any different then killing a one-month-old baby, since it's too much to handle? I understand having and raising a baby is a lot, there is no excuse to have an abortion when there is adoption! There are so many families and people out there that can't have children and would be more then willing to adopt. In my opinion why should the child suffer instead of being adopted, because the mother is embarassed and doesn't want to show?

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