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Special Reports

ben stein

Ben Stein

Author, Actor, Lawyer, Speechwriter, and Professor

Ben Stein:
I would not be on any other side of this issue than the side I'm on. This is the side that is pro-woman - - we try to save the lives of 700,000 women a year, and save millions more from humiliation, embarrassment, dereliction, and breast cancer. This is the side that is pro-man - - we try to save the lives of 700,000 young men a year, and try to save the fathers who are involved in the horrible decision to abort from shame, humiliation, and disaster. This is the side that is pro-freedom - - we're for the freedom of a human being to be. We are on the side against the totalitarians who say that a Jew or a Catholic does not have the right to be - - it's the same thing when you say that a baby does not have the right to be. Every baby that is conceived has the right to be; that is a basic. And I will tell you something that I never felt before in my heart until this year: I feel strongly that the tide is turning in our favor. We had a lot of years wandering in the wilderness; we had a lot of years when I felt as if the people who came to this room were the last of a dying breed. That has all changed. We owe a lot of thanks for that to Mr. Bush who has stood up unhesitatingly for life.

I do a lot of different things, but I spend most of my time traveling around the country speaking at college groups - - mostly invited there by college Republicans, but sometimes by Right-to-Life groups. And five years ago, four years ago, three years ago, if I gave the part of my speech that I always give in which I say that one of the best, most important ways to give your life meaning and to live a decent life is to value life when it's old, when it's infirm, when it's a different skin color, when it's a different race, when it's a different sex, when it's a different religion, whether it's born or unborn - - and if you value life when it's unborn, you set a standard for valuing life and for giving dignity to life that will stick with you and the society forever.

I used to get “boo-ed” when I said that. I kept saying it; for the last year I get wild applause at the campuses all over America. The tide is turning! I know that no one in this room chose this side because it was the easy side or because it was necessarily even the winning side - - but we are winning. God bless National Right to Life who carry the banner high for every human being born and unborn in this world. Thank you very, very much.